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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and grandmothers, past, present and future!  Today is a day full of memories for me.  Memories of my own mother, whom I miss still after all these years she has been gone from my life.  Memories of my daughter; all the special times we spent together as she was growing up and turning into the beautiful woman I am so proud of today. Memories of my grandson (above), and the special times we have.

I remember as a child running to mom with some hurt or casualty, being enveloped in loving arms and, knowing without a doubt that somehow she would make it all right.   Somehow, she always did. I remember my grandmother, my own "Nana" teaching me to bake, something I still enjoy.  I remember being so loved by these women that they were a shining example to me when I became a mother.  They truly gave me their best and I hope that I lived up to their expectations.

I now look back on the days when my daughter was small and I could cuddle her on my lap, of days of bouncing curls and giggles and wide eyes full of new discoveries.  Some days I miss that kid, but of course all children grow up and I love the woman she has become. Now I am a "Nana" myself--having chosen to be called the same name as my wonderful grandmother in her honor. Being a grandmother lets me relive those special times now with my grandson. He is still little enough for cuddle time with nana and I enjoy watching him as he discovers all that is special  in this world.

Being a mother and a grandmother has been one of the most wonderful things in my life.  Having a child and then a grandchild has made my world so much fuller.

Today I honor those wonderful women who used their love to mold me into the woman I became. I honor my daughter and the loving, giving woman she has become.  I can look back on the generations who have gone before and look forward to those generations carrying on into the future, the love of our family, and see that love continue to grow and unfold.  That is the legacy of mothers, we send our love into the future and somehow live on through the generations that follow.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone on this day to celebrate the love of family!

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  1. This is very well done! You speak for all of us to our mother's everywhere!