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“Not all those who wander are lost.” -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, December 6, 2010


It started snowing on Saturday and hasn't stopped. It will never stop. I am doomed to live in snow. Ugh.
As I think I have mentioned, I HATE snow~! The weather forecast is calling for snow everyday for the foreseeable future. As tender of the home fires I am trudging up and down the stairs to put wood in the furnace every hour or so now that it is so cold. Good news is I can give up the gym membership as I have my very own version of a stairclimber.  I thought I was living in the 1940's house, but I was sadly mistaken. I am living in the Dr. Zhivago house.  I can't decide if this is the one that was covered with ice and snow and was so pretty to look at (ha ha--easy to look at from the comfort of your couch!) or the one where he has returned to his home to find the stove out and scolds his wife for not keeping the fire going.  Her father tells him that she lets it go out everyday while he is at work as they do not have enough fire wood.  I can relate.  The stack in the basement grows smaller each day and I am starting to eye the furniture.  I am trying to watch movies with the word "beach" in the title hoping I can pretend I am somewhere warm.  I listen to Jimmy Buffet and dream of islands (any old one will do) and boat drinks with little umbrellas. I can be very delusional when necessary! I would feel much better if Zhivago himself were here to keep me warm and write poetry for me.  Sigh.

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