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Saturday, December 4, 2010


I was quietly performing my morning ablutions at the bathroom sink the other day when I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of something running across the hallway floor. What? What was that? I stepped out of the bathroom, went to investigate and found a mouse hiding under a table. EEEEKKKK!!!  I managed to scream loud enough that any of you reading this must have heard me and I scared it back into running in the hall. I stood there frozen in terror as I watched a small, grey mouse run under the oven.  Oh crap. I had been warned to expect their intrusion but still I had hoped I could get through the next few months without  having to encounter one.  I HATE mice (and their larger cousins rats of course).  Ugh. I knew that, left uncaught, it would climb onto the counters, nibble on various snacks and bread stored there and create all kinds of havoc particularly that of me having to scream again when I next encountered it which I was sure would happen.  I also have a strict policy of not sleeping in a house that has vermin.  I just know that while I am sleeping they will crawl on me and I will awaken to feeling little mice feet walking on me. EEEEEEKKKK!!!!!
I remembered seeing some mouse traps in the house and went to get them.  This was war and I planned to be fully armed.  These traps were the old fashioned kind with a spring loaded snapping bar that kills the mouse when it tries to eat the food in the trap.  I prefer the new kind that are a box type where you can catch and kill the mouse without ever having to look at it.  (as previously mentioned there are enough dead things around here already)  It took me several tries and pinched fingers but I managed to bait the trap with peanut butter and hook the spring bar open.  I removed the drawer from the bottom of the stove, pushed the set trap to the back of the oven, replaced the drawer and set about my daily chores hoping I would not hear the loud SNAP of the trap being sprung.  I want to catch the mouse and  want it to be killed but I don't want to hear the sound. ewwwwww. 
Later that evening I decided to check the trap as I wanted to know whether I would be sleeping that night or not.  My daughter was in the kitchen and had heard about the "mouse incident" earlier that day. She is worse about mice than I am. When she saw me start to remove the drawer to the stove she ran from the kitchen and wouldn't come back until I had it restored back to its condition pre-mouse.  Since I had not heard the snap of the trap I was not sure I had caught anything, but upon removal of the drawer saw one grey mouse caught in the trap. At least it was truly dead. I have seen these traps manage to just catch enough of the mouse to allow it to live and struggle. EWWWWW!!!  I do not like to see these things.  I gathered up the rubber gloves (which I am finding that I can't live without here) and a wire hanger - always be sure you have some wire hangers on hand no matter what you may have heard in "Mommie Dearest". 
I DO NOT clean out traps.  I steeled myself and bent the hanger into a long handled hook, donned the rubber gloves, grabbed a trash bag and proceeded to reach under the stove.  I hooked the trap with the hanger and dropped everything into a trash bag.  After securing the trash bag and placing it into the trash can I replaced the drawer and told my daughter she could come back into the room.  Tomorrow I will go to the store and get the new boxy mouse traps so I don't have to see dead mice any more.

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