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“Not all those who wander are lost.” -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Sunday, November 28, 2010

On The Road Again

Well, the grass has grown long beneath my feet and it is time to go travelling again.  I will be visiting West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina on this trip.  Ah, the open road! I love to hear that asphalt running under my tires! 

I left yesterday and it was snowing. The right time to leave. I HATE snow!  Oh, I know it's pretty to look at, but I still hate it. Just don't want to be cold and wet which is what you get with snow. It's just plain yucky to me.

Stopped in West Virginia to check on things--all is well. And then off to my one of my old favorite stomping grounds-Annapolis, MD.  For me a visit to Annapolis is like meeting up with an old lover.  Lots of fond memories and just a little heartache knowing that what was will never be again.  But the view of the downtown harbor and the boats docked there warmed my heart and the sea called to me again.  I have been landlocked these past several months and find that if I do not spend some time near or on the water I lose a little bit of who I am.  Somewhere in a past life I am certain that I was a sailor on a tall, wooden ship plying the waters in search of new experiences. To paraphrase the singing sailor, Mr. Jimmy Buffett:  "Mother, mother ocean I still hear you call, I've wanted to sail upon your waters since I ere can recall."

Spent the day visiting favorite places, doing a little Christmas shopping and revelling in overwhelming memories both happy and sad. Happy for all the wonderful times spent here and sad for those I have loved and lost along the way.

Even the throngs of Christmas shoppers and the nightmare of parking downtown did not spoil my sentimental mood.

I hope that this holiday season you have the time to spend with those you love--even if they happen to be a town!

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