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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  The turkey and I were stuffed!  Now is the time that overeating for the holidays starts-first with Thanksgiving and then the holiday parties, Christmas and New Years. I already feel that 10 lbs I recently lost creeping back. Except this year I am determined not to let it happen.  I plan to hide out over the holidays and avoid the food.  I'm starting by leaving town tomorrow to get way from the left overs. If I have to stay in the house I will hear the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and pies calling to me.  I can be perfectly happy working around the house and suddenly I hear the food in the refrigerator calling me.  "Hello! We are here waiting for you! We know you want us, come and get us!" I can't take it.   I know this seems extreme-running away from food-but I have very little restraint so I have to take drastic measures.  Besides I plan to exercise while I'm away.  Lots of walking (read-shopping), stretching (to reach things high up on shelves in the stores), bending (to reach things down low), weight lifting (carrying all those packages to the car) and of course some cardio when I run back and forth between the car and the stores. I did skip the crazy Black Friday shopping day today-it's just not my idea of fun. I don't mind the exercise but can do without the stress. It just makes me hungry!

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