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Thursday, November 18, 2010

John Denver - Country Boy? No way

I'd ask what John Denver was smoking when he wrote "Life on the farm is kinda laid back, ain't nothin an old country boy like me can't hack" but I think we all know.  Life on the farm is anything but laid back.  There is always more work to do than hours in a day. A friend of mine who owns a horse farm once told me that she wished for a day when "nothing broke". She actually wished this for her birthday.  I would rather wish for lavish trips to exotic places for my birthday but I can relate to what she wanted.  I would like to wish that I could actually have a day where everything on my "to do" list for the day got done. This never happens.  I wake up everyday full of high hopes and plans for the things I will do that day only to wind up each evening with few things crossed off the list. Sigh.

And now it is coming on "HOLIDAY TIME".  This simply means more work to be done.  Folks are coming here for Thanksgiving expecting a wonderful, heartwarming farm experience holiday (think Hallmark card combined with any made for tv chick flick on LMN).  I will do my best to make that work.  I can only hope no one steps in a cow pile or has to help chase chickens that day.  We will do the usual turkey thing with all the trimmings and hope our dinner rivals a Norman Rockwell painting. At least I got to buy the turkey, frozen, at Walmart and we didn't have to go out and kill one and pluck it. 

But really it will be nice to have the family here.  Well some of them. I mean some of them are coming, not it would be nice to only have some of them here. (they read this blog-I have to be nice)

Of course following the big ol' turkey day is the traditional "Black Friday" where many of the family members are planning on heading out to shop at some ungodly hour like 3:00 AM.  One of them sent me an email today telling me that a certain toy is on sale on Black Friday for $3.  The regular price is $7.  There is no way in hell that I am getting up at 3 AM to save four bucks. They are already getting armed for the big day.  The planning for shopping on Black Friday is no less intense for these folks than what must have gone into planning D Day.  They are already surfing the Internet for any leaks available on things that will be on sale that day.  They are cutting coupons and reading ads.  A plan is being formulated on where to start the attack and at what time.  I picture them stealthily creeping out into a dark and cold early morning armed with coupons, fliers, cell phones to keep in touch and report to each other and copious amounts of coffee for the caffeine jolt.  Of course I will not be awake to see these things. I will be snuggled in my covers sleeping.  I have only gone out once in my life for Black Friday. One year my sister and I arose at 4:30 AM to be at Walmart at 5AM.  We got into the store and everything we wanted was already snatched up.  The lines at the registers stretched back to to the far reaches of the store.  I left with a $5 "vacuum" which was really only a dustbuster on a stick.  We were back home at 6:30 and agreed that we would never try that again.

Well, enjoy your holiday folks.  I have to go visit with Mr. Hainey and Mr. Ziffle now.

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