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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mooory Christmas!

Just about two weeks til Christmas.  There is snow all over the farm, the tree is up and decorated and the kitchen has been producing wonderful scents of homemade goodies. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? Well, life on a farm just looks that way.  Now that it is cold there seems to be more work to do. 
The cows seem to eat more now that it is colder and they let me know when they need something by moooing - loudly!  I know when I hear that noise that I will need to trudge out to the barn to see what they need. They used to be afraid of me but now they are friendly. Too friendly!  I didn't know cows would lick you like dogs do but they do only but they are much bigger and have really large, rough tongues. Trudging out to the barn in the snow is not much fun. The boots I bought at Tractor Supply seemed like a good idea this past fall but I am finding that the deep treads on the bottoms tend to get clogged with snow and other matter (we won't mention what) and I gather this stuff up until I am walking around with a large, heavy mass under each foot which I then need to knock off to get into the house. I can never get it all off so I end up with a yucky mess that melts all over and have to clean the floor. Besides having feet that look like I am wearing snow shoes made of ice, snow and crap, I come back to the house with wet spots all over from cows licking me. Ewwwww.
We have to be sure to gather the eggs on a regular basis each day so that they don't freeze.  The cows and chickens need their water checked as it is freezing and needs to be kept fresh so they have water to drink.    The wood burner is going full time and eating wood like candy. I have to shovel the snow off the steps and walks and put down some salt.  Have I said how much I HATE snow! I think I have.

Well, anyone who would like to visit a working farm and enjoy the life is welcome to come!  There's a snow shovel, feed pail, and muck rake just waiting for you!

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