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Monday, December 13, 2010

I am turning into a Golden Girl

Of course it is still snowing here.  The weather hasn't changed since last week-cloudy each day with snow showers/flurries/snow accumulation.  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It seems that I am entering the phase in life where I am soon to be confined to a nursing home as I am managing to spill everything on myself.  I have already had on three tops today.  My three year old grandson is less messy than I am.  I managed to get wood ash from the fire on my new cream colored sweater and since I was already in the basement I took it off to soak it in the laundry tub.  I put on a clean, white t-shirt and proceeded to bake chocolate cookies and -you guessed it-managed to get chocolate on it.  Crap!  Off it came and down to the laundry tub to join the sweater. I then put on an oxford shirt as I was done baking and now determined that I could manage to make it through the rest of the day stain free. Unfortunately I was cleaning up the kitchen and moved a bottle of cough syrup that someone had not tightened the top on (those child-proof lids do sometimes annoy) and the top fell off and I managed to dribble red cough syrup down the front of my shirt. Oh Man!  Really?!?!

I wish I could chalk this up to one of "those days" and perhaps it is -a bit. But I have noticed that lately I have become best friends with Oxyclean, Shout, color safe bleach and 20 mule team Borax. I can't seem to eat anything, cook anything, or basically touch anything that doesn't wind up on me somehow. I feel like I am living in a commercial for laundry products and becoming somewhat of an expert on how to remove various stains from clothing.

I'm sure my kids think I have lost it and should start wearing a bib and being spoon fed (at the nursing home).
Some days I think the home would be nice. I could take long naps, watch tv, shuffle around in my bathrobe and not have to shovel snow, get eggs, check the cows or feed the fire.  I will let you know where they send me. Maybe you want to come along?

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