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Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's 12 minutes past midnight

So that makes it officially Christmas.  I have my daughter, youngest sister and grandson all together this holiday which makes it really nice.  Things have been very hectic with travelling, visiting and the general holiday frenzy but we made it.  The last gifts have just been placed under the tree and everyone is now nestled all snug in their beds with visions of who knows what dancing in their heads. Of course the evening didn't go exactly as planned and was not as idyllic as we would have liked.  It ended up including a spanking for the grandson who decided to take off all his clothes and run around the house terrorizing the dog and tearing up the decorations. When told to stop and get dressed he responded "No Way!" and proceeded to hit his mother. This resulted in the drinking of gingerbread martinis on the grownups part. Speaking of gingerbread, my daughter and sister decided to make a gingerbread house from a kit today with my 3 year old grandson "helping".  At one point my daughter  had icing all over her hands and my sister was trying to hold the sides of the thing together so the house wouldn't all fall down. Meanwhile my grandson was happily eating all the candy decorations that came with the kit and licking the icing from the icing bag while everyone else was busy trying to get the house to stay together. I decided that was a good time to leave and go to the store for something I needed at, of course, the last minute.  When I came back the house was pretty much done and actually does look better than the photo above albeit minus most of the candy. 

So now all is calm, all is bright and quiet and I am enjoying this time along with a nice buzz from the martinis.  Ahh, Santa's drunken elves! I don't remember them in the Night Before Christmas!

Hope your holiday is great! Or at least uneventful! Cheers!

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