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Friday, September 5, 2014

Life Lessons from Scarlett O'Hara

One of my all time favorite films is the classic, Gone with the Wind.  My mother took to me see a revival at a local movie theater when I was a young girl and it impressed me immediately.  I loved Scarlett, her grit, spunk and determination were all qualities I had yet to acquire in my young life.

I learned some life lessons from the film and have incorporated several into my own life. These include:

1 -  You can waste a lot of time loving the wrong man.

2. - Men will always be susceptible to a woman's wiles.  I don't care how much things change, this never will.  Ladies - use it wisely, it can be a powerful tool.

3. - You can look good in just about anything. It is all about attitude and carriage. Clothes are only an accessory,

4. - With grit and determination, you can achieve just about anything.  Including finding the man of your dreams, even if you don't know it at the time.

5. Tomorrow is ALWAYS another day.  So when things aren't going your way, just stomp your foot, declare "Fiddle, Dee, Dee" and carry on to tomorrow when you have a chance to start all over!

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