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Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter is coming! Annual Peeps Contest!

That's right folks!  It's time once again for the annual Peeps Contest!  With Easter fast approaching The Washington Post is sponsoring its' annual contest asking entrants to provide a diorama featuring the popular and dare I say it? delicious marshmallow Peeps.  I am always amazed by what people come up with for these contests and this year was no exception.

I particularly love the one above with the cast of the Muppet Show although it was not the winner of last year's contest. I'm sure the entries for this year's contest will be just as creative. I would love to enter, but am just to lazy to put one together, although I am tempted to create a "Scandal" themed one featuring, of course, Olivia Peep.

I can remember getting Peeps in my Easter basket and that was back when they only came in one color and shape.  Yellow and shaped like little chicks.  Ah, yes! Those wonderful peeps who managed to get stuck to all the plastic grass in the basket rendering them pretty much inedible. Still we managed to peel the grass off and shove them in our mouths.  What better breakfast than sugar covered marshmallow and chocolate bunnies?

Evidently, Peeps are made of stuff that lasts forever.  Hmmmm, makes you wonder about eating them though.


  1. lol! You either love 'em or hate 'em. Either way they are a part of our culture. My kids could eat them by the handfuls. I don't mind them if they are just a little bit stale, so they are chewier and the sugar is crunchier. I know...weird. lol!


  2. I miss the Muppet Show, cool diarama..:-)

  3. Lisa: I don't like the crunchiness of them. I am a chocolholic. ; ) Give me the chocolate bunnies any day!

    Ed: I too miss the Muppet Show! They were great!