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Monday, September 25, 2017

Tribute to my buddy, Bentley

I loved you from the moment I saw you.  Even though people said you were funny looking with that long tail, big head and tiny body. I loved you even then.

You always thought you were larger than you were, fearless next to much bigger dogs, pushy to most people. We had a tough time adjusting to each other; we each thought we were the boss. People told me you were a handful, and at times you were. I loved you through it all.

We went everywhere together were almost inseparable. You were great on the long car trips I dragged you on, always ready to go even though in the beginning you were often car sick. You were a trooper, a steady buddy and best friend. I loved you even more.

The times I had to clean up after you when you were learning 'housebreaking', when you got sick in the car, or just plain sick, were challenging. Not to mention those many times you got mad at me for leaving you home alone and knocked over the trash can spreading messy garbage all over. But still I loved you.

You were my constant companion. You snuggled with me when I was sick or hurt. You kept all my secrets and held many tears I cried onto your furry coat as I held onto you for comfort. You were always free with kisses and never judgmental. Of course I loved you.

The years wore on and we both grew older.  Our hair grayed, eyes got dim, hearing was difficult and joints became stiff.  You didn't want to play any more, mostly wanting to nap the day away. I knew our time together was getting short. I held onto my love for you for all it was worth, never wanting you to leave.

Now you have moved on ahead of me. The house is empty and I miss you so much my furry friend. I will think of you running in a grassy field. chasing squirrels and birds looking back to see if I am there waiting for you like you always did.  I send my love with you to carry on, but keep looking back my boy, one day I'll be there, walking toward you, still loving you.

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