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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Attack of the Stompies

My grandson is 5. This is a great age.  He has a wonderful imagination but his command of the language isn't always that great.  He is in kindergarten and is learning proper pronunciation but he still gets things wrong.

Last night we were outside walking the dog and my grandson, attired in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and carrying a broomstick announced that he would protect me from the 'stompies' and shoot them all. I wasn't sure what 'stompies' were but I did appreciate being protected from them.  He aimed his 'gun' at the invisible intruders and shot them all dead so they wouldn't get me or my little dog either.

When we came back inside he proudly announced to his mother that he was the 'stompie' killer and had banished all the 'stompies' from outside. I had to get a translation from my daughter on the 'stompie' thing and was told that he was trying to say 'zombies'. Oh, ok, got it now.

Later in the evening, as we were sitting in the family room watching tv, I heard a scratching noise in the chimney.  I had heard it before a few nights earlier.  My daughter obviously heard it as well as she gave me that look with the funny eyeball thing and told her husband that something was in the chimney.  We were worried that the 'something' might be able to get in to the house which we didn't really want to have happen.  My son in law reluctantly agreed to check on the noise and we anxiously watched as he looked into the chimney.  He didn't see anything so he put the cover back and we resumed watching television.

A bit later we again heard the noise in the chimney and my daughter was again concerned.  I told her that we might have to wake up my grandson and have him come downstairs in case there were 'stompies' in the chimney. 

We never have found out what is making that noise but I will stay alert for 'stompies' just in case.

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