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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's that smell?

My grandson is in a stage where he likes to smell everything. He smells things before he eats them. He smells blankets, shoes, the air outside, the dogs, EVERYTHING!  One of his favorite questions is "What's that smell?"

I walked into the house this morning after dropping him off at school and the first thing that popped into my mind was "What's that smell?"  And for good reason. The house stunk!  Peee ewww! What the heck is that smell?  It definitely smelled like crap.  I mean really crap-not just the saying.  I checked to see whether the little dog, who has been inside lately as it's too cold out for her, had poo pooed in the house.  Couldn't find anything.  Decided to check the fire in the basement as it would need more wood and then it hit me.  As I opened the basement door the odor became worse and I realized what I was smelling.  COW POO! Ugh.

I immediately flashed back to last fall when the relatives where here cutting up a large tree which became firewood for the house.  The tree was in the cow pasture and some of the limbs had fallen into cow pies when the tree was being taken down.  I guess that one or more of those pieces were some that I had thrown into the fire this morning before leaving the house.  CRAP! (really)  Now the whole house smelled like the cow pasture. Yuck! I grabbed a can of Lysol and went about spraying the house top to bottom.  It helped somewhat. I then decided that I didn't want to have a repeat of the "od'dujour" so proceeded to spray the wood pile with Lysol.  Not sure if will help but I sure don't want the smell of burning dung hanging in the house again. Ewwwwww!

OK I am going to look online to see whether there is a product you can put in with the wood when it burns to improve the smell.  Not sure what might work. Maybe incense?  But then the house would smell like my college boyfriends apartment who had a bunch of stoner roomates who constantly burned incense thinking it covered up the odor of the pot.  Didn't really work. Probably wouldn't work on cow poo either.


(really folks I don't make this stuff up! it really happens to me!)


  1. Maybe instead of incense you should just invite your college boyfriend and his friends over to throw some of their plants in the fireplace. By the time that odor circulated around the house you probably wouldn't care too much about the lingering dookie vapors and would be more concerned with raiding the kitchen pantry and fridge.

    You really have a lot of interesting things happen on the regular ha ha, always a good read when you post entries!

  2. LOL! I have been trying to diet! So no thanks for the suggestion--can't afford the munchies.