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Monday, November 8, 2010

Lordess of the Flies

Life on a farm is nothing like anything you may have seen or read as I don't recall any mention/vision of the multitude of flies that live around livestock in any movie/show/book.  Somehow I don't think this was ever the conversation at the Waltons:

John Boy:  Pa, pass the peas.
Pa: Here you go John Boy.

I guess now that the cold weather has hit the flies are all looking for a nice warm place to spend the winter. Apparently they have decided to move from the barn into the house.  No kidding, I easily have killed 20 flies today. Luckily I have a hand fly swatter and am pretty adept at hitting the little buggers. Oh, wait a minute, there goes another one. SWAT! Got him! I can't stand the thought of fly paper even in the barn where it is used.  I think it is extremely disgusting seeing a long strip of sticky paper with dead and struggling flies all over it.  I actually think swatting them is faster and more kind.

I think that I honed these skills playing whack a mole. You know that game at the arcade where you hold a big hammer and when a mole sticks its head up you whack it.  Very close to fly killing. SWAT!

I wonder how long this will go on?  I have already been warned about the upcoming infestation of mice once the weather gets cold.  Really looking forward to that.  I am trying to make an agreement with the insects and animals--I won't live in their space and eat their food if they will not live in my space or eat my food. Seems fair enough to me.

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