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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cow who Jumped over the Moon

I had a wonderful day away from the farm the other day.  Got to go to a decent sized town and shop. Ahhh! Ate lunch out! Ahhh!  Life was good. Until we got home.  While unpacking our purchases we had an unexpected knock on the door. It turned out to be the farmer next door asking whether we were missing any Holsteins as he had two in his cornfield.  I walked out to the barn with hopes that I would see all the cows where they belonged, but noooooooo, the cows had gotten out yet again. 

OH NO! Time to round up (chase) the cows again.  I really didn't enjoy the first cattle round up and did not look forward to another one but what can you do?  The cows needed to come home and they would not be inclined to do so on their own as they were having a grand old time at the all you can eat corn buffet next door.  We sent out calls for help and quickly had a posse of cow chasers come to help with the cattle drive. If this keeps up I am asking for a horse.  If I am going to round up cattle I want to be able to do like they do in the movies.

With four of us doing the work we were able to chase the cows back home and direct them toward the pasture.  One of the cows decided he'd really rather go into the barn, which was ok with me except the door to the "cow" part of the barn was closed. Or rather the bottom half was closed as it is one of those doors split so that you can have the top half open and the bottom closed.  He proceeded to make a mad dash for the door and I had visions of an impending collision between cow and barn door. It is a fairly hefty door but I doubted it would hold up to a cow crashing into it.  I was screaming at the cow to stop but they apparently don't speak english so he kept running and next thing I knew he jumped over the door and into the enclosure. I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea cows could jump that high!  The door is probably chest high on me, which given that I am not that tall isn't so much, but is probably at least 3 - 4 feet tall. WoW! I guess that there really is something to a cow jumping over the moon!

Maybe I am getting better at cow chasing. I think I will need some boots and a cowboy hat soon! LOL!

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